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This Program is for women in Leadership Positions who wish to grow their Leadership effectiveness, network and influence.

This is a series of inspiring workshops to support female Leaders to maximise their individual and collective influence for both personal and business benefit. On completion of this Program participants become automatic members of Ladies Who Lead Academy, a community that allows members to come together and share their leadership experiences in a shared learning environment that has direct relevance and personal and professional impact.

Program Deliverables

  1. Collaborative Community creating an environment for peer support, increasing self confidence and career enhancement.
  2. Empowered Leadership participants will have the opportunity to explore the art and competencies of leading self, leading others and leading organisational dynamics.
  3. Personal & Professional Growth through embracing vulnerability. Vulnerability is often associated with weakness. The truth is that vulnerability is our most accurate measure of our personal courage.
  4. Professional Skills Toolbox – Participants will be provided with advanced Leadership Skills such as:
    1. High Impact Communication
    2.  Power of Personal Presence In Professional Presentations
    3. Setting Boundaries through Respectful & Assertive Challenge
    4. Effective Delegation through Coaching Skills
  1. Psychological Safety – Leading with heart – the ultimate competitive advantage
  2. The Agile Leader – Thriving in an environment of constant change

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