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This Program is for new Graduates, new Hires and Early Career Professionals.

The emphasis on this program is to support participants on a journey of experiential learning and development over a period of 14 weeks. The professional skills developed on this journey will be the fundamental skills that participants will refine for the rest of their professional lives. Past participants have said “I’ve taken part in similar courses before but have never found them all that effective. The combination of the excellent material initially presented and the commitment to follow up in the weeks following really creates a unique learning experience that I found easy to engage with and feel has benefited me greatly”

The program emphasis on experiential learning is followed by re-enforcement of learning, where full accountability for professional development rests with the program participant. The difference between Leadership360 and others in the area of professional development is around the sustainability of learning beyond the classroom. We believe developing professional skills is akin to a sporting context, to develop the essential muscles – it’s all in the practice and repetition and our Graduate and Early Career Professional Skills Program framework supports that.

Program Deliverables

  1. How to maximize your personal influence in any situation using the power of Active Listening
  2. How to hold difficult & courageous conversations that are impactful and respectful
  3. The power of clarifying mutual expectations and how we set our professional career up for long term success.
  4. How to thrive professionally in an environment of constant change.
  5. How to deliver high impact and highly engaging Professional Presentations.
  6. How to maximize personal and team performance
  7. How to transform conflict situations into collaborative solutions
  8. Going beyond Time Management to staying focused on critical priorities.
  9. How to communicate from a place of personal empowerment.

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