A Masterclass on Transforming Conflict into Collaboration & The Art of Courageous Conversations

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This is an experiential program for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors who wish to develop the core people management skills of transforming conflict into collaboration and how to hold effective and impactful courageous conversations. This one-day workshop has been delivered to almost eight-hundred leaders globally. 

Program Background

Session 1 will illustrate that Conflict is a normal part of the human experience and the possibility of conflict arising is present in every situation where people interact. Each of us responds in a unique way to conflict. Some of us respond in an aggressive way which can often result in the conflict escalating – others respond in a passive way in an attempt to avoid the conflict.

Session 2 will support participants to develop the skill of courageously speaking up when challenged to express their unique viewpoint. Most professionals feel challenged to assertively speak their truth when they believe that to do so may make the situation worse or that the consequences of courageously expressing their unique viewpoint may have long term negative consequences. This segment of the program will provide the participants with all the tools, tips and techniques to be able to successfully navigate their way through a difficult conversation and to arrive at the best possible outcome for themselves, their teams and their organization.

Program Deliverables

The Masterclass on Transforming Conflict into Collaboration and Art of Courageous Conversations will provide the following quantifiable benefits:

  1. Ability to transform conflict from a potentially destructive force in personal and professional relationships into opportunities for collaboration and the deepening of relationships.
  2. Reach better solutions through collaboration and idea exchange.
  3. Through the use of an internationally recognized Conflict Styles questionnaire, participants in this program will become aware of their own default conflict response and also awareness of four alternative personal responses to conflict. With such awareness comes greater opportunity to create a more positive and productive resolution to the conflict. Participants will also be given a process that they can use in their next encounter with conflict to maximize the likelihood of the conflict resulting in a positive collaborative solution rather that a negative destructive one.
  4. The participants will be provided with tools to support them to prepare for and navigate challenging conversations.
  5. The program participants will also be provided with some resources to deal with the situation where no time is available to prepare for a difficult situation and so they need to be able to deal with the challenging situation in real time and in the here and now.

Although grounded in a solid theoretical framework, this is a very practical program and past participants have left this program feeling far more personally empowered to speak their truth in an assertive way so that their personal message is delivered respectfully and with maximum impact.

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