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This is an experiential program for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

The underlying Principles of The High Performance Leadership Mindset Program are that high Performance Leaders create High Performance Teams. The aim of this Program is to offer participants all the latest thinking and techniques to become even more effective Leaders. This is a proven program that has been delivered many times to Leaders in Europe, the US and Asia. Quoting feedback from one past participant “This has been the most enjoyable, most practical and most impactful Leadership Skills development Program that I have completed to date”. This program is a perfect balance of the latest leadership theory and the skills development through practice.

Program Benefits

The High Performance Leadership Program will provide the following quantifiable benefits:

  1. A measurable improvement in the leadership competencies of the Program participants.
  2. Greater application of Coaching Skills by Leaders to empower their team members to higher levels of engagement, accountability and personal empowerment.
  3. Participants will be provided with the latest theory and skills of having Courageous Conversations so that any sub standard performance can be addressed in a timely and effective manner.
  4. Participants will be provided with the theory and opportunity to develop advanced conflict resolution skills to empower them to quickly and effectively address and navigate individual and/or group conflict.
  5. The skills of staying focused on the critical business variables to ensure the delivery of the Business priorities on time and in full will also be explored as part of this Program.

How we breakdown LEADERSHIP

Listen to understand

Empower others through coaching

Act with courage

Develop & foster agility

Embrace difference of opinions


Self awareness

Integration through Practice

Psychological safety

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